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Magnet fishing

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Magnet fishing

Magnet fishing is an interesting activity. Which is located on the border of fishing and instrument search. We throw a search magnet near the coast in search of interesting finds in the water. We go on magnetic fishing with a search magnet to interesting places in search of terrible finds and treasures.
What treasures might be hidden at the bottom of water bodies? Learn all about magnet fishing!

In this article I want to share my experience and tell you about where to start fishing with a search magnet? What places to pay the most attention to and the secrets of correct casting. This article will be relevant for all magnetic fishing enthusiasts.
Magnetic fishing - you can find a lot of interesting things at the bottom of the river. Today it is one of the newfangled hobbies of treasure seekers. What can the waters of rivers, lakes, canals and ponds hide? ... Fishing for Everyone. We share tips and reveal the secrets of successful fishing and more. Baits and Baits. Fishing rules.


What is magnet fishing?

Magnetic fishing is fishing with a magnet. The idea behind magnetic fishing is simple: tie a magnet to a rope, throw a rod into a river, canal or lake and hope that it attaches to some metal. Magnetic fishing is a fun and rewarding hobby that provides good physical exercise.

magnet fishing

What is the main purpose of a magnetic link?

Having fun! You never know what you will come across again. In addition to the excitement of fishing, several hobbies are combined here. One of them is collecting. It can be anything. Cases, old coins, tools, antiques or some interesting trophies. Each such fisherman will definitely have something of his own. In addition to having a pleasant pastime and collecting, many people start their own blog or channel where they share their experiences, findings and advice.

Can you catch gold and silver on a fishing magnet?

In its pure form, of course not, these are not magnetic metals, but they can be caught by a magnet for fishing as an accompanying metal to iron. So is any other non-ferrous metal with iron.

Can you catch gold and silver on a fishing magnet

Where and how to throw the search magnet?

  • Urban water bodies

    First of all, I recommend the city waters. In most cases, it is in them that a large amount of metal debris accumulates. Just imagine how many interesting things can lie at the bottom. Therefore, I advise you to look around and pay attention to the nearby flowing river or lake.

  • In the country

    These can be beaches, or various places where bridges are located. Excessive carelessness of people can lead to the loss of valuable things, and we will try to find them. And also, in these places, the most likely to catch lures, fishing hooks, metal cages and some personal belongings.

  • Abandoned villages

    It was in abandoned villages that I found a huge number of antiques. As a rule, small reservoirs and wells have always been and remain in such places. People swam, swam in a boat, went to the lake to fetch water. Naturally, each of them could have left something valuable at the bottom. If possible, try to find maps from the 19th century. Take your essentials with you and go in search of adventure.

magnet fishing search magnet

Magnet search

Search magnets, also called as treasure salvage magnets or retrieving magnets, there are 2 types:

  • one-sided magnet search
  • double-sided Magnet search

The standard single sided search magnet is a neodymium ring in a steel case. The body has a threaded hole for an eyebolt. It allows you to easily detach even a very powerful magnet from metal. A rope is tied to the eye of the eye bolt.

The double-sided search magnet has two neodymium rings glued into the ends of a steel cylinder. Therefore, its working surface is twice as large as that of a one-sided one. Double-sided search magnets have two eye-bolts: the central one is used to detach from the find, and a rope is tied to the side one and dragged along the bottom of the reservoir when trawling from a boat.

The most valuable finds are covered with a layer of silt and rust. This reduces the adhesive force of the magnet. If you want to lift something large, choose a powerful magnet.

Advantages of a one-sided search magnet:

  • High degree of adhesion in various conditions
  • Maximum Convenience for Vertical Fishing
  • Light weight of the magnet, which allows to increase the time of "catching"

Advantages of a double-sided search magnet:

  • Two work surfaces
  • Maximum comfort when fishing horizontally

magnet search magnet

Neodymium magnet

Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets (which means they create their own magnetic field without electric current). You don't want a neodymium magnet to corrode and lose its strength, do you? Look for a Copper-Nickel plated magnet. Copper and nickel plating provides corrosion protection and keeps the magnet from losing magnetic force.

How to choose the weight of the search magnet?

One of the most common search magnets by weight up to about 4 kg. Most often, when buying, they pay attention to the force of attraction, the minimum of which should be equal to 100 kg. With such a magnet, you can lift various small objects. It is important that if the force of attraction is 100 kg, then in real working conditions, he can lift an object less than 10 kg. The fact is that objects in water, especially those that have lain for a long time, are overgrown with silt, algae, etc., which greatly affects the adhesion.

When choosing a search magnet, you need to understand what items you would like to reach. According to the reviews of the owners of magnets, it is better to take a closer look at the options with a characteristic - up to 300kg. These search engines find interesting small items without sticking to large, useless things.

What should be considered when preparing for magnetic fishing?

magnet fishing equipment

  1. Suitable clothing. Wear what you don't mind ruining. And be sure to take care of gloves. Choose thicker gloves to protect your hands from scratches, cuts and other damage.
  2. Be careful. Sometimes quite dangerous objects fall on the bait of magnetic fishermen - unexploded shells, weapons, ammunition or explosives. If you have caught some suspicious object, do not risk it and call rescuers.
  3. Be prepared to lose your magnet. Here everything is the same as with fishhooks - something caught, something untied, something came off. Therefore, always check the rigging and have spare magnets with you.
  4. Buy only high quality magnets. There are many shops that sell search magnets and magnetic fishing accessories. So that magnetic fishing does not bring disappointment, choose trusted stores.

  5. Magnet Fishing Laws

    Do I need a magnetic fishing license? So what is the difference between magnetic fishing? Is there a law prohibiting fishing with magnets in any state in the United States?

    Magnetic fishing is legal in all states of the United States except North Carolina.

    Currently magnet fishing is legal in 49 US states, South Carolina has banned magnet fishing. Please check for any local bylaws before you go magnet fishing in the US and make sure that you seek the landowners permission before entering their property.

    In France, "magnetic fishing" is prohibited without special permission. This ban was introduced after a magnet catcher pulled out an unexploded shell with mustard gas, which detonated - the "fisherman" was burned and blinded.

    There is a ban in the UK that applies to certain rivers and canals, but the fine for violation is only £ 25 (€ 27), so it doesn't stop enthusiasts.

    Dangers of magnet fishing

    Dangers of magnet fishing

    Magnet fishing began a few years ago, but in recent months, reports of dangerous finds using magnets have been on the rise. The British Guardian called the hobby "one of the most dangerous entertainment in the country" in the fall of 2018.

    Fans of "magnetic fishing" find at the bottom of water bodies not only harmless rusty bicycles and car tires, but also, for example, ammunition from the Second World War.

    In the United States, in addition to the usual garbage, people began to catch ammunition. For example, in late July in Pittsburgh, teenagers caught an artillery shell, presumably from the late 1950s. At the same time, a resident of Boston fished an Uzi machine gun, Glock and Colt pistols, as well as an unidentified semi-automatic weapon in a pond near the house.

    magnet fishing tides for fishing

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