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4 oz / 113 gr KALUGA Black Caviar

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113 gr


The caviar is produced from a cross breed of Amur and Kaluga Sturgeon. Kaluga caviar Sturgeon Huso Daricus and Amur Sturgeon Acipenser Schrenke. Large individual Caviar beads have an incredible delicate and buttery flavor and a firm taste. Kaluga fish is cross breed from Kaluga x Amur sturgeon. The wild resource can be found in the Amur River. The species normally mature in the 8th-10th year, and can live up to 60 years and reach over 50 kg. The caviar is produced from roe of mature Hybrid Sturgeon of over 8 years of aqua culture. It's color can be pearl grey or dark grey. The roe diameter is over 3.0 mm, rim and has a strong buttery flavor with a long existing aftertaste.

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You're reviewing: 4 oz / 113 gr KALUGA Black Caviar

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You're reviewing: 4 oz / 113 gr KALUGA Black Caviar

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Red Caviar

Red caviar without preservatives consists only of caviar and salt. The shelf life of such a product is rather short, so it is not available to everyone. ... A prerequisite for proper storage of red caviar is tightness and cold. If these conditions are met, then the container can be any (tin, glass, plastic), which excludes the penetration of air into the packaged product.

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