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2 oz / 56 gr Paddlefish Black Caviar

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Paddlefish Black Caviar

56 gr

Paddlefish caviar has a more "earthy" taste and uneven texture.
The American paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) is the largest (over 2.3 m in length and 120 kg in weight) freshwater fish in the United States and lives in 25 (according to other sources, only 22) states of the Mississippi River basin.

Paddlefish belongs to a commercial species of the sturgeon family. It got its name from its characteristic feature - an oar-shaped nose.

Paddlefish spawn 1 time in 5-7 years. The Paddlefish is capable of laying 1 kilogram of caviar.


Paddlefish caviar, also referred to as spoonbill caviar, is known worldwide for its delicate flavor and smooth buttery texture. It's an excellent and affordable caviar for those who want to experiment with something new or those who require a classy delicacy without breaking the bank.

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You're reviewing: 2 oz / 56 gr Paddlefish Black Caviar

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You're reviewing: 2 oz / 56 gr Paddlefish Black Caviar

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Red Caviar

Red caviar without preservatives consists only of caviar and salt. The shelf life of such a product is rather short, so it is not available to everyone. ... A prerequisite for proper storage of red caviar is tightness and cold. If these conditions are met, then the container can be any (tin, glass, plastic), which excludes the penetration of air into the packaged product.

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