9 oz / 250 g caviar malossol - Osetra Sturgeon Caviar "Malossol" Premium Quality

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8.8 oz/ 250 g

caviar malossol

Osetra Sturgeon caviar malossol - gray, brown, sometimes with yellowness, dark bronze, close to black.

Natural composition of sturgeon caviar, without harmful ingredients and preservatives - confirmed by quality certificates and environmentally friendly production


Indigenous to the Caspian Sea and the Volga river basin, Ossetra, also known as the sturgeon, has long been considered one of the highest ranked sources of the finest caviar. Reaching maturity at about 10 years of age, this endangered breed is aqua-cultured in the immaculately clean waters of the Thousand Island Lake, whereupon its roe is harvested and cured in accordance with traditional Russian malossol style - osetra russian caviar malossol. The grains of this supreme quality Osetra caviar are about 2.9 mm in diameter, and ranges in color from olive green and pale yellow to dark grey. Its aroma is fresh and slightly nutty and the flavor rich and buttery.

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Osetra caviar

Osetra caviar has smaller eggs, up to 2 mm. caviar color - gray, brown or slightly yellowish, dark bronze, black. The taste of caviar is sharper than that of beluga, it clearly shows hints of sea and iodine, sometimes there is also a nutty aftertaste. True sturgeon or osetra caviar has a characteristic color and size of eggs

Real malossol osetra caviar has practically no fish smell, but it has a subtle, subtle aroma of the sea. Only very few people are able to grasp it. If the caviar has a pronounced fishy smell, this is probably a fake or a sign that the caviar is spoiled. The taste of sturgeon caviar is very delicate, with nutty-creamy notes, sometimes with a slight bitterness. The presence of pronounced bitterness is unacceptable, this may indicate that harmful preservatives have been added to the product, and such caviar should not be eaten at all. An excess of salt is also a bad sign, most likely, such a “delicacy” was prepared in violation of the technology or with the expectation of a very long storage.

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You're reviewing: 9 oz / 250 g caviar malossol - Osetra Sturgeon Caviar "Malossol" Premium Quality

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You're reviewing: 9 oz / 250 g caviar malossol - Osetra Sturgeon Caviar "Malossol" Premium Quality

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Red Caviar

Red caviar without preservatives consists only of caviar and salt. The shelf life of such a product is rather short, so it is not available to everyone. ... A prerequisite for proper storage of red caviar is tightness and cold. If these conditions are met, then the container can be any (tin, glass, plastic), which excludes the penetration of air into the packaged product.

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