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Red caviar is an expensive delicacy product with an exquisite taste. It is believed that the price of red caviar is relatively high to be eaten every day. Sandwiches and other recipes with red caviar are prepared mainly for the holidays to create a festive atmosphere. Red caviar is very useful for the health of men, women and children.

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Red caviar is appreciated not only for its amazing taste, it is also surprisingly useful. It contains a lot of protein - about 30% of proteins, which are almost completely absorbed by the body (this is rare for proteins of animal origin). In addition, it contains a lot of useful amino acids, minerals, vitamins A, C and D, folic acid.

What is red caviar?

Red caviar is called salmon caviar (chum salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, chinook salmon, coho salmon, trout). The eggs are covered with a rather dense outer and much more delicate inner shell, under which protoplasm is located. It is a sticky liquid with a large number of tiny droplets of fat, including lipochromes - carotenoid coloring matter of red or orange color. It is they who give a special color to each type of caviar. And protoplasm is also a nutrient medium for the future fry - it contains a lot of vital substances and determines the nutritional value of caviar. And not only food, but also taste - it is she smugly spreads in the mouth after the thin shell bursts, giving the gourmet pleasure that increases with every second.

salmon caviar

Typically, salmon fish spawn from late spring to early autumn. Choose caviar made on these dates, and it will definitely be delicious.

All salmon roe should be even, whole and firm. There should be no broken eggs. The roe should not be extra liquid visible among the eggs.

There are two varieties of red caviar:

  • 1st grade Salmon caviar of the same type without extraneous additives. Eggs are easily separated from each other, have the same color and size.
    The salt content does not exceed 4%.
  • 2nd grade Mixing caviar of different salmon species.
    The salt content can be up to 8%. For many people, second-grade salmon caviar is also tasty and this is not at all critical.

Salmon caviar is nutritious and rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega), it is prescribed to strengthen the immune system, eye and brain health. Trout caviar is a real source of protein.


Ikura is the Japanese word for salmon roe (red caviar).

Ideally, the composition of Ikura should be limited to the caviar and salt itself, but this is very rare.

varieties of red caviar

  • Sima caviar

    This is the rarest type of caviar, and the fish itself is an ancient species of Pacific salmon, or rather its warm-water representative. The eggs are red with an orange tint and reach about 6 mm in diameter.

  • Trout caviar

    Trout caviar is also fairly common and is not considered a deficiency. Trout eggs are small, and often look stuck together, so they are often used to decorate canapes and sandwiches. The color ranges from dark yellow to crimson. There is a noticeable bitterness in the taste.

  • Chinook caviar

    Chinook salmon is the largest member of the Salmonidae family. Its eggs are also one of the largest - up to 7-10 mm in diameter. The bright red caviar of royal salmon tastes like roe. It still has the same bitterness and pungency, but this is the most delicate delicacy. The shell of the eggs is not as hard as that of the chum salmon.

  • Pink salmon caviar

    This type of caviar is most often found on the market. She has a universal taste, familiar to everyone, bright orange color and medium-sized eggs with a thin shell. Large pink salmon eggs are evidence of the poor quality of the product. This is overripe caviar with a dense shell.

  • Chum salmon caviar

    It is large - it reaches 5-7 mm in diameter, but there are specimens up to 9 mm in size. Has a uniform pale red color with an orange tint. Color inconsistency is considered a defect and is not allowed in the manufacturing process, otherwise the product will be considered a defect.

  • Sockeye caviar

    This grainy product will be appreciated by a true connoisseur due to its rather rich piquant taste with a very perceptible bitterness. Eggs are small, similar in appearance to trout caviar, however, they have a more intense red color.

  • Coho salmon caviar

    Coho salmon or "silver" salmon is a small representative of the salmon family. Its caviar is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. It raises the level of serotonin and endorphin ("the hormone of joy").

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red caviar how to eat ?

The bright and unique taste of salmon caviar is good not only for sandwiches and snacks for the festive table, there are a lot of options for using this healthy delicacy! Check out our special selection of red caviar recipes - you will surely find something new for yourself!

  • Sandwiches with red caviar are classics of the genre! A slice of white bread, a thin layer of butter and premium red caviar - perfect for breakfast! By the way, butter can be replaced with delicate curd cream cheese - the taste of such a sandwich will be simply amazing!
  • Caviar tartlets are an easy-to-prepare decoration for any festive table. Shortbread or puff pastry goes well with salmon caviar, and butter or curd cheese complements it perfectly. If desired, you can add boiled shrimp, lightly salted or smoked fish, cucumber slices to the tartlets, and use herbs and small lemon slices for decoration
  • Red fish rolls with caviar. Gently roll a slice of lightly salted salmon, place on a small slice of wheat bread, add half a teaspoon of thick sour cream or curd cheese and some red caviar on top. Decorate with herbs if desired: dill or green onion feathers. Such a snack literally melts in your mouth!
  • Mini portions of salad with red caviar. Original presentation and delicious, delicate taste of salad with red fish, shrimps, caviar and creamy sauce will certainly surprise your guests!
  • Eggs stuffed with caviar. Egg white does not interrupt the original taste of salmon caviar, so it is often used for making snacks when it is necessary to emphasize the original and bright taste of caviar.
  • Pancakes with caviar. Thin, delicate pancakes filled with thick sour cream or cottage cheese cream cheese and red caviar - this is a hearty and very tasty treat! For an original serving, simply place the filling in the center of the pancake, carefully collect it in a "bag" and tie with the feathers of green onions.

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